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January 4th, West Bowl Mount Cain

January 20, 2010 at 10:54PM

A snowboarder triggered avalanche likely about size 1 to 2 was witnessed in the west bowl at Mount Cain on Monday. No one was buried or injured. Information is limited but it seems likely to have slid on the hard surface previous to last week end’s precipitation. On the same day (Monday 4 January) a similar sized avalanche occurred in the main gully on Mount Arrowsmith. Snowboarders were riding in steep terrain in the west bowl of Mount Cain on Monday and climbers chose to enter a steep gully on Mount Arrowsmith on the same day when this bulletin (which was posted in three locations at Mount Cain) had the hazard at Considerable (which by definition means natural avalanches are possible and human triggered ones probable). It would appear that we have much work to do in avalanche safety education on Vancouver Island!

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