See you all next winter

As we wrap up another season of forecasting, we here at the Vancouver Island Avalanche Center wanted to thank you all for your support and sharing through out this amazing winter. We hope you had some great days in the snow, are happy it was a safe season and everyone made good calls out there. Hopefully the bulletin did a decent job helping you with your decisions and gave you the information you needed. It has been a pleasure to supply you with this information during the winter and form many new friendships along the way. Thank you for helping us with our fundraisers and for sending your snowpack and avalanche observations during the season. The bulletin is a vital part of winter safety and our island bulletin is a unique and local data source that is made special by all of us. It is OUR island bulletin. There is still plenty of good snow to play on out there. Be safe, have fun and continue to make good choices. Remember just because the winter has come to an end does not mean that avalanche hazards do not exist. Wet avalanches with warm temperature and thawing, the potential for cornice failure and even the odd freakish spring blizzard can increase the hazard in the mountains. During those times, be sure to use careful snowpack evaluation, cautious route finding and conservative decision making. Here is a link to Avalanche Canada’s website with some helpful hints on how to travel safely in typical spring avalanche conditions when bulletins are no longer available. See . We hope you have a great summer, see you all at next seasons fundraisers and on the slopes. All the best from the members of the Vancouver Island Avalanche Center Society.