Upcoming season

Sorry folks, in an attempt to save our extremely limited funds this season here at VIACS and to save the dollars we have for the full on avalanche season, we are postponing our bulletin writing for a bit. Here is a short note on current conditions for those of you that are venturing out to play during these early season snow blasts. (written at 4:20 on Dec 1st) The nice new layer of snow in the hills (10-15 cm from Sunday’s storm) will become an significant avalanche hazard as freezing levels jump up to approximately 3000 m and temps soar to around +4 to +7 up in the mountains Wednesday. Although the below treeline elevation band is below threshold (snow is not deep enough to be an avalanche hazard), there is significant early season snow in the alpine and even a few deep pockets at treeline. Avoid the alpine, the deep treeline pockets and exposure to snow loaded rock faces cliffs and terrain traps Wednesday, as we can expect large loose wet snow avalanches to run with the big warm up. These avalanches are very likely, will be on all aspects and may be up to size two (big enough to bury, injure or kill a person). Our current snow pack around 1300 m to 1500 m is between 90 to 150 cm and has approximately three distinct crusts from previous rain events. Some tests last weekend showed a weakness between the bottom and middle crust. Limited observations (tests) have been completed at this time due to early season conditions.

We also wanted to take this time to remind folks that there is no early season riding, hiking, snowshoeing, sledding, tobogganing, snowmobiling or skinning allowed at Mt Washington Alpine Resort. We know that everyone wants to get out and play, but you need to find somewhere else to adventure during these early season snow events as there is work being done on the hill to prepare for opening. Thank you.

NOTE….. We still have our sweet sweet sticker fundraiser going to help support your island bulletin. Go to pay pal or head down to Blue Toque and buy one directly (while you check out all that sweet winter gear they have for the upcoming season). Also keep an eye out and very soon there will be some incredible prizes (skis, snowboards, guided tours, gear and more..) once we launch our new online support program.