See you all next winter

Well folks we have to wrap up for another year as we have come to the bottom of the piggy bank, even though there is still significant avalanche hazard out there in our spring snow pack. We would like to thanks all of our wonderful sponsors this season, without them this bulletin would not be possible. Thanks to our forecasters for their nights on the computer and long days in the field Ryan Skywalker Shelly, Bill Solo Phipps, Dan Chewy Goodwin and Jesse Vader Percival. A huge pat on the back to the volunteer board members of the Vancouver Island Avalanche Center Society who tirelessly keep this source of public safety up and running (Megan Burns, Annie Danko, Ryan Shelly, Bill Phipps, Elodie Brousseau, Marie-Josee Hudson and our new book keeper Kristine Lecuyer). Also thanks to the others out there that give us technical support Jerrett Strain, Eric Sprenger, Jan Neuspiel, Tony Litke, Bill Floyd, Eric Courtin and many many more. Finally thanks to all of you (the public) for supporting this bulletin both financially and with reports from the field. As we sign off, we remind you that we are not wrapping up because there is no longer any avalanche danger out there, but we no longer have the funds to continue. So…. be diligent out there if you are going to take advantage of the amazing spring ski touring that the island has to offer. Wait a few days after the bigger spring snow storms, watch for rapid warming of the upper snow pack (by rising air temps, sun and even rain), and give cornices a wide berth until they fail and fall. Thanks for your understanding and we promise we will continue to search for ways (funding) to be able to forecast until the end of the avalanche season. Play it safe out there, have a bunch of fun, get rad, and see you all next winter.