Friday December 28, 2018

Sunday December 30, 2018
Saturday December 29, 2018
Friday December 28, 2018
Confidence: High - forecast models all agree on high precipitation amounts and freezing levels.

Main Concerns

Cornice Fall, Loose Wet - view Avalanche Problems for detailed information.

Travel & Terrain Advice

Avoid steep unsupported terrain and all steep terrain when you find the snow is saturated with moisture during the coming weather event. Give cornices a wide berth, when travelling above and below them.

Avalanche Summary

A well settled snow-pack has produced with ski testing some small surface instabilities in isolated steep terrain.

Avalanche Problems

Cornice Fall

Well developed and established cornices will become unconsolidated and weakening over the forecast period. Expect the chances cornice avalanches to be very likely. These avalanches will be specific to North aspects and found in both the Alpine and treeline. Cornice avalanches may reach up-to size two and will be touchy to human triggers.

Loose Wet

Loose wet avalanches will be found at all elevations and aspects. Expect the chances of loose wet avalanches to be very likely , especially below tree line. These avalanches will be widespread, up-to size two and touchy to human triggers.

Snowpack Summary

Upper snow-pack remains low density with the mid and lower snow pack well settled and bonded. Previous wind slab instabilities have begun to settle and are bonding well.

Snowpack Details

Surfacenew low density snow
Upperwell settled
Midwell settled with a noted nonreactive crust
Lowerwell settled

Past Weather

Light snowfall, light wind and temperatures continuing to trend to cool have promoted settlement and stability over the past forecast period.

Weather Forecast

A strong westerly flow will bring to the forecast area rapidly rising freezing levels. Expect temperatures in the alpine to be warm with the freezing level reaching above 2200 meters. Precipitation will initially begin on Friday as snow becoming heavy rain by mid day and continuing as rain for the evening and well into Saturday. Following this storm relief will come in the form of an arctic high pressure bringing cooling temperatures and clearing sky on Sunday.

Posted on Friday December 28, 2018 by Jesse Percival

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