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Confidence: High - weather models agree

Main Concerns

Loose Wet, Storm Slab - view Avalanche Problems for detailed information.

Travel & Terrain Advice

Remain vigilant of changing conditions and tailor trip plans to start early and avoid steep slopes during daytime peak warming periods. Expect that direct sunshine will immediately effect and unconsolidated the upper snow pack, Avoid sun exposed slopes when the solar radiation is strong, especially when the snow is moist or wet. Use caution in the alpine when approaching convex rolls and transitions into steep terrain.

Avalanche Summary

No new avalanches reported in the forecast area during the past reporting period.

Avalanche Problems

Loose Wet

Found on all aspect, especially south and at all elevations. Loose wet avalanche problems will present when temperatures warm, during direct solar effect and especially during periods of snow on rain. Expect that during these warm and sunny periods loose wet avalanches will be touchy to light triggers and if triggered it will be possible to produce large avalanches up to size 2.

Storm Slab

Located in the upper alpine, storm slabs will be present on all aspects and may be stubborn to triggering but when triggered its possible to produce large avalanches up to size 2.

Snowpack Summary

Past snowfall and precipitation events of 5 cm above 1300 meters and rain below has consolidated with the previous old surface. Expect in alpine elevations this new snow has likely formed a storm slab with a strengthening interface on an old melt freeze crust. The mid snow pack still contains a facet crust , that during testing is producing resistant planar results. The lower snow pack is well consolidated and dense.

Snowpack Details

SurfaceMoist surface conditions becoming a melt freeze crust during over night cooling.
UpperA laminate of melt freeze crusts.
MidA melt freeze crust and facets buried down between 50 and 70 cm.
LowerWell settled and dense.

Past Weather

Light precipitation fell in the form of snow above 1300 followed by daytime warming and night time cooling.

Weather Forecast

Expect sun and high freezing levels with possible afternoon showers and light to moderate wind bringing trace amounts of new snow to elevations above 1500 meters.

Wednesday trace amounts of precipitation , Winds light to moderate from the North east, Freezing levels 1600 meters.

Thursday trace amounts of precipitation , Winds moderate from the North east, Freezing levels 1600 meters.

Friday trace amounts of precipitation , Winds moderate from the East, Freezing levels 1700 meters.

Posted on Wednesday March 27, 2019 by Jesse Percival

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