Incident Report

Sunday January 31, 2021 - Mt Cameron (Beauforts)

Date of incident: 2021/01/31

Approximate time of incident: 13:30

Location of incident: N49° 28.305’ W124° 58.490’, Mount Cameron Beaufort Range

Number in Party: Four

Two skiers were on a treed ridge feature when one of them skied onto a small convexity approximately 35 degrees steep causing a fracture to occur about 20m above the skier pulling both that skier and the other one on the small ridge feature into the slide. The terrain between the skier and the fracture was low angled but the fracture occurred on a slope of about 35 degrees.

The fracture was 200-300m wide and from 30 to 150cm high and the avalanche ran for about 200m to stop on a bench.

Two skiers were involved. The one who triggered the avalanche was buried 135cm deep and sustained serious injuries. The second skier was involved and went for a ride but ended up on top of the debris when the avalanche came to a stop and was able to initiate the rescue which had the buried subject extricated within about five minutes of the avalanche happening.

The avalanche was estimated to be a size 2.5. Likely triggered on a PWL with 60+cm of new HST received in past 72hrs.