Incident Report

Sunday January 31, 2021 - Mt Washington Snowmobile area

INFORMATION Activity Snowmobiling

Number involved 1

Snow depth at trigger point Deep

Terrain trap Gully or depression

GROUP DETAILS Total in the group? 4

People fully buried? 1

COMMENTS A report was received to the Vancouver Island Avalanche Centre on Sunday January 31st of an individual Being fully burried in an avalanche, along with his snowbike directly beneath him.

Luckily his riding buddies acted quickly with a beacon search. A total of 3 rescuers were involved in extricating the buried individual. The rescue party approximated the burial time at around 8 minutes and the individual was reported to be under approximately 100cm of snow.

The depth of the fracture occurred on Northeast facing slope and was about 60cm deep where it let go. Approximately spanning a 20 meter section across the slope to a deposit depth of between 1-3 meters deep.